Scalar 34 / Scalar 34 C (Classic)

  • Timeless classic lines
  • Lavish wooden build
  • Individual furnishing possibilities
  • Yacht stern on request
  • Sporting sailing feature

The Scalar 34 combines sportiness, elegance and comfort.
Whilst keeping to the typical features of the Scalar, Scalar 34 was developed, a fast, high-sea tested tour boat that is easy to handle, even with a small crew.
The modern 19/20 rig and the custom made CO-sail, in combination with a low lying inboard ballast promises a quick cruise, even in only a light summer breeze.
The classic Scalar 34 yacht stern underlines the elegance of the lines of the boat and aides the good sailing features through a longer water line with strong wind.

In addition to this a larger storage and more deck space is produced.
Scalar 34 / C

Length: 10,30 m
Breadth: 3,30 m
Draught: 1,80 m
Weight: 6,00 t
Sail: 60,00 sqm