Scalar-yachts – as unique as their owners.

Our Concept:
The Scalar-yachts are only ever produced when ordered.

On board a Scalar you will find the ambience of a classic mahogany-yacht.

Through this type of build we can work in accordance with your wishes, as far as this is possible.

The shape of the deck, made of GfK, is connected to the fore planned window openings.

If you wish, in a build made of wood, these openings can vary, if the space apportionment requires this.

Below you can find suggestions for possible variations.

Chrom & Mahagoni
Lovely details with practical usage

Individual instrument board

Teak and mahogany – a perfect addition

Instruments “packaged” in teak Wood

Perfekt angeordnete Beschläge

Owner wish – ventilation box made of mahogany

Treppe mit Stauraum
Tool box under the stairs that can also be taken out

The deck layout
The customer finds these possibilities of individual arrangement in all areas of Scalar-yachts.

The choice of navigational instruments and their placing are decided in cooperation with the customer.

Cockpit mit Steuerrad
Perfect teak in the T-cockpit

Cockpit mit Pinne
Clearly cut lines in cockpits with tiller steering

Cockpit mit Steuerrad
T-cockpit of a Scalar 34 classic

The Cockpit
Basically every Scalar can be built with a tiller and wheel steering.
In case you want a wheel steering you can choose between a T-cockpit and continuous storage space.

Der weisse Salon
Salon Scalar 34 - classic outfit

Salon mit blauen Polstern
Salon Scalar 36 - clear lines

Salon mit weissen Polstern
Salon Scalar 34

Salon mit blauen Polstern
Salon Scalar 36

Salon mit weissen Polstern
Salon Scalar 36

Schrankelement / Türenvariante
Example: cupboard fronts

Schrankelement / Türenvariante
Example: cupboard fronts

The Salon
The furnishing inside each Scalar is always customized by the owner.

There are many different furnishing options for each Scalar – you have some personal ideas? Talk to us about them, we will gladly discuss possibilities of making these ideas possible.

The photos only show a small amount of the possibilities of how your Scalar could look.

Kartentisch Variante 1
Map table arrangement, according to owner wishes - Scalar 34

Kartentisch Variante 2
Map table arrangement, according to owner wishes - Scalar 34

The Map Table
Room for navigational instruments and more.

Pantry in weiss
Pantry-Scalar 34 particularly spacious- in accordance with the owner’s wishes

Pantry mit Schiebetür
Pantry-Scalar 36 – concept according to owner wishes

Geschirr mit Scalar-Logo
Pantry – Crockery safely fixed for sailing

Pantry Variante
Pantry – Scalar 34

Pantry mit Mikrowelle
Pantry – Scalar34 fitted according to owner wishe

Pantry Variante
Pantry Scalar


Almost every pantry of the Scalar-yachts has a different outfit.
Whether you’re a hobby cook, or only cook now and again – everyone wants something else for their own pantry.
We will find the best solution for you.

WC-Deckel mit Scalar-Logo
WC-lids as special productions in accordance with the owner’s wishes

WC in weiss
WC-room - Scalar 34

WC Variante
WC-room - Scalar 31

Wet room & WC
The sense for detail and design can also be seen in the WC-room.
Depending on which Scalar we build for you we can construct the wet room with or without a wet room.

Stapellauf einer Scalar-Yacht
Test run and christening – always a moving moment

Test run
Crowning completion of the boat building is the christening and maiden voyage on the Schlei and the Baltic sea to the approach buoy in front of the Schlei estuary.